Saturday, May 12, 2012

What you're eating/ What you're not eating!

It’s not just what you eat, but also what you don’t eat!  We all tend to focus on “the seemingly obvious problem” when things aren’t going well, myself included.  For instance, if you aren’t getting bigger from weight training, you assume you are lifting too light, or maybe the frequency isn’t enough, but there could be other issues. Maybe you aren’t eating enough!
I have been bloated and feeling a bit out of sorts for days, I am always like this after a competition. I kept saying it was because I was eating junk that I don’t typically eat- cheesecake and brownies (thank god I took the last to Roy on Wednesday - that’s his problem now!), chocolate, pork chops, steak and French fries, the list continues.

I kept saying “after I get back to my diet I will look and feel better”…well,  last night as I prepared my final meal of the day I realized that not only had I been eating like a “normal person”, but also I had virtually eliminated my good foods!
My last meal was (and usually is) three egg whites, 2 ounces chopped steak and 2 cups of vegetables (mushrooms, onions and kale). I really like this and it usually keeps me from waking up in the middle of the night hungry- unless I have really cut calories throughout the entire day.
I looked back at the days starting with Saturday and it all became clear. I usually eat 6 or more cups of vegetables a day, every day.  I had replaced these vegetables with other foods.  I had hardly eaten any vegetables!

Years ago when I worked with Kim Porterfield, a nutritionist from The Institute of Eating Management and Relapse Prevention Center, she gave me the following advice: “Go ahead and enjoy some cheat foods, some pizza or whatever you want, but eat your proper meal first!”…that way I would get the correct protein and complex carbohydrates and may not be so tempted to over indulge. It used to work and somehow I forgot this rule.
It’s not that I have been constipated, but things just aren’t “right”. I know- you may be thinking “whoa! Too much information!!!” but honestly, one of the best indicators of your overall health is the state of your bowels, and your fiber and complex carb intake will determine that state! Laugh all you want but that’s one of the first things your doctor should be asking about when you have an annual exam “How’s your bowel movements???”
We talk about poop a lot at my house! LOL!
So I am happy to report that I am back on schedule (my food schedule that is) and I will make sure that when I indulge, I am sure to eat my proper diet first, and  the treats or extras afterward!

Don’t always assume that a problem is something you are doing, or what seems to be the obvious, it could be something you are NOT doing!