Saturday, May 26, 2012

Julian Bakery Carb Zero Bread


I am forever looking for healthy and tasty foods, ones that allow me to enjoy the "normal" foods more often and still not feel guilty or worry about my calories and starches too much.

I read about the Julian Bakery breads several weeks ago and was interested in their new "carb zero" bread that was to be released soon. 

There is only one store within 10 miles of me that carries their products, the rest are over the hill in Santa Cruz or up the peninsula towards Palo Alto. I called New Leaf Market and asked if they could let me know when the carb zero bread arrived.

They called me on Thursday and said it arrived, they would hold one regular and one cinnamon for me, I would drive out there after my noontime training with Roy. I told him I would get a loaf for him, and when we finished I zoomed out there only to find that every single loaf they received had been sold (except my two and one last cinnamon)!!!

I bought a cinnamon for Roy and swung back by BodyComp and dropped it off fo him, he was training Stacy. I also got the name and cell phone number of the fellow I can call to make sure they hold more for me if I want it!

I love sandwiches. Love them!! Scrambled egg are my favorite, or tuna with sprouts. Maybe rare beef....or chicken salad, I love them all. I rarely eat them though as bread is a simple carb and full of starch that I don't need and basically a dieters nightmare. 

Until now

If you are anything like me, you feel so much guilt when you eat a sandwich that it taakes away most of the pleasure. It ruins it. You should be eating a "complex carb" right?

This bread allows me to have a sandwich and 
This is my egg white sandwich with a bit of low fat mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and romaine lettuce. 


I made this when I got home and immediately texted Roy. It was good. Really good!

Each slice has the following nutritional breakdown:

59 calories
2.5 grams fat
9 grams carbohydrate
9 grams fiber
(this means it nets out to zero carbohydrates!!!)
0 sugar
9 grams protein!!!

It's all organic, gluten free and well.....great!

So even without my egg inside I had 18 grams of protein! 

It's not like sliced sourdough, nor is it like fine wheat bread. BUT! The nutritional break down is great- it allows me to eat something I love and not feel guilty and get the macros I want.

I also bought some of their carb #1 (1 gram net carb) bread and will let you know later how that is!