Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 Week to Competition (week 9 of diet)

It's Sunday, I have 6 days to go, 6. I am ready, I am finished, I am where I need to be. Friday I got to Gold's and the scale said 120. That means I lost a pound. Now, some of this is water weight due to stopping creatine and foods high in sodium such as egg whites and shrimp. But, I haven't even started to cut water yet and have been maintaining the correct intake so I shouldn't be dropping yet.

Saturday the scale said 119. I panicked a bit, at this rate I would weigh even leas than last time and I am probably dipping into muscle.  I skipped cardio and had a rice cake and peanut butter, that's an extra 165 calories, 8 grams fat and 14 grams carbs.

I woke up to go to the gym Sunday and had my steak, sweet potato and another rice cake with peanut butter. The scale was back at 120 when I got to Gold's.

Front looks good, I look full and not skinny, bodyfat is still low though. I think after dropping my water the abs will be more defined.

Back is looking great, well defined, nice taper, waist looks small and the "smileys" are almost gone again!

Practicing the side pose so the serratus muscle is clearly visible. Delts look good and when I am tanned and glazed they will really pop. 

This side needs a bit more practice posing. 

I am eyeing the food on the counter! ha ha  The ribs are showing, I need to remember to lift up my rib cage.

I look good, ready to go!

And did you notice the quads? Still looking full and bigger as I had planned!