Friday, May 18, 2012

Fish Skewers and Spring vegetables

Looks great doesn't it? It was stupendous and healthy too.  This is really called Spiedini di pescatrice con fave e asparagi (monkfish skewers with fava and asparagus), it is from one of my cooking magazines La Cucina Italiana.

I didn't have everything they called for so I made due with what was fresh and in season. I first shelled fresh English peas, then I trimmed sugar snap peas and I par boiled them just for a couple moments, then into ice water to stop the cooking. I also had fava beans which are typically way more work than most people are prepared to put in, but we love them so I did.

Shaved carrot and thinly sliced turnips, was added next, asparagus spears, then it all  got dumped onto a paper towel to drain. It will be served room temperature- couldn't be easier!

I bought tuna (and to the left is beef for Cooper)....the fish was cut into big chunks, coated in a small amount of fruity olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and smoky Spanish paprika then threaded on the skewers  and grilled.

Then the vegetables were placed on plates, drizzled with olive oil (but not mine, the fish had enough for me) and the skewers were placed on top.

A balsamic vinegar reduction was made (easy!!) and drizzled over.  OK, I made this sound simple and it was. You need to use your imagination. Go to the market and buy what inspires you, this can be created with anything in season and the protein can be beef, pork, fish, chicken.

If you want the real, actual step by step recipe, visit me on Pinterest and you can find it on my board called Great Food. And be sure to follow my boards as I pin all my favorite recipes there.