Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wednesday I climbed up on the stairmill at Gold's Gym, it would be my last workout of the week. I chose the one on the end next to a guy who looks exactly like Georges St. Pierrre, a mixed martial artist and welterweight champion. A man who epitomizes the male physique in my opinion. Here is a picture for you!

This guy looks exactly like him, and even has an accent. I think the only difference is my guy is slightly shorter.

Although there are 13 stairmills, and he is the only one there, I always get on the one next to him. Not just because he is stunning looking, but because he climbs off after a few minutes, takes of his sweatshirt, walks over to the huge fans and flips them on, then he walks back. I like to watch him, and I like the fans, our stairmills are smack dab in front of them.

As I climbed up he glanced over and said "morning". I responded with a good morning and started walking. I then started up a conversation, I was curious. You don't see many males on stairmills, and he was there on the same schedule as me, something was not typical about this guy. 

Kristy: "Are you training for something in particular or do you just enjoy the stairmill?"

Guy: "I have a shoot coming up."

Kristy: "A photo shoot? I see!"

Guy: "I was gonna do the Contra Costa, but I was ready three weeks early. I thought I would do Taos but I have to leave for Europe."

Kristy: "I am doing the Contra Costa."

Guy: "Your'e a bodybuilder."

Kristy: "No, Figure. I wanted to move to Physique but I couldn't get big enough."

Guy: "Your'e hard for Figure."

Kristy: "Yes, but that's what I like and I always place."

Guy: "Well I will be at judging. Good luck."

We both finished up our walking, he lasted longer than me, I only went 30 minutes. It helps to hear form others in the same arena as me, someone who can look at me and tell me I am "too hard". 

The goal in Figure is not to be ripped and "hard" but at 5% bodyfat, I think I would be considered just that no matter who is looking at me. And I have always come in at that low of bodyfat or lower, so that seems to be where I look the best. 

I am looking harder and harder everyday as I start to dry out (reduce my water intake). I am getting excited about Saturday.