Friday, May 4, 2012

Future Plans

My competition is in a few days, I have worked very, very hard to get where I am today. Most people will never understand exactly what that work was though.

I train every day, year round. It's not a "once in a while" hobby for me, or some event on my social calendar. It's me. It's a big part of what makes Kristy, "Kristy".

The prospect of spending the day without any type of weight training is not something I would look forward to, ever. To me, training is not only essential to maintain my lean and muscular physique year round, it guarantees that I will think clearer and avoid unnecessary stress, and it assures that I will age comfortably and shouldn't suffer many age related diseases and ailments that most folks have.

It's really a non-negotiable and necessary if I am to thrive.

When I start prepping for a competition the intensity is kicked up a notch. The training might become a bit more strict, I incorporate regular cardio even when I may not want to and I adhere to a very strict diet.

People ask "Are you in training now?" or "How is your training going?" I know they are trying to be supportive and show interest, and maybe just start up a conversation.  I am always (I think)  polite, but you see, the training never stops! And it always goes well, so this is nothing new. I am always in training, always.

The competition brings a whole new twist to it all though, it's all in my head. It's like a little jack hammer running day and night, a constant nagging in the back on my head. I am thinking about my diet, thinking about every single thing I put in my mouth, thinking about the amount of cardio, thinking about the grip of my lift. 

So when it's over I look forward to the hammering stopping, I look forward to some idle time in my head, time to lift just for the fun of it. And eat too, for the sheer enjoyment of it instead of the nutritional aspect, to enjoy being with other people and laughing and sharing food and drink together.

Tuesday I was walking across campus to pick up my produce, and since I work in Housing, there are always lots of students sitting around outside our buildings. As I walked toward my office, bag of produce in hand a student calls over to me "Excuse me! Excuse me!?" and I stopped and turned towards her. She was sitting with another woman and a male, they all looked at me. I was dressed in loose, baggy, army pants, black tennis shoes and a bright gold tank top, I didn't dress for anyone today. She asked:

"Do you do special training? I mean a special program? To look like that"

I walked over and smiled and explained what I do, that I had a competition in a few days and I lift weights, a lot of lifting. And run stairs. They sat there looking up at me.

"It's looks good" she said. And the other two nodded their heads in agreement.

I am taking a few days off to prep. I have nails to get done, hair to get cut, food to cook and a tan to get applied. I have to pack up and stay in a hotel and won't have my computer. I probably won't be writing again until Sunday morning to give you the results....

I say "probably" because I never say never.