Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Week Transformation

I have a "movie" of my weekly pictures below, so you can see what took place during my 10 weeks of dieting for my last competition. 

What I find so interesting is how a body can change so much week to week!

If you followed my blog you would know that every weekend, for 10 weeks leading up to my last competition I would haul out the hooker heels and competition suit and take progress pictures. These pictures really help me to see what I look like and how I am moving along. 

Some weeks I would look soft, some weeks I would look flat. Others I looked absolutely tight and full, and then the next week it was all gone.

The interesting thing is throughout all this I maintained a very regimented diet, eating the same thing over and over, everyday at the same time. But the sleep and rest may have been different, then the time the pictures were taken would vary, perhaps I had coffee before one and not the other.

I started at 127 pounds and ended at 119, so this is only an 8 pound difference, but I lost all fat, and no muscle! It was a great diet for me!

What I should have done, and I plan to do next competition- is take this in reverse! I am going to take pictures starting on competition day and then every week after so you can see how I add bodyfat back on, and get back to a normal, healthy weight.

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