Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Music for Women's Physique Routine

I recently attended a meeting with our Human Resources department, so that a core group of people in my department could better understand each other’s working styles, and therefore learn how to communicate better.
There were four “styles” of communication:
Brown:  They just want to get things done. Very businesslike and factual, they stick to the work at hand and like to be direct and to the point.
Blue: They need to connect with other people, touchy feely. It’s all about how everyone “feels”.
Green: Information, they need lots and lots to make a decision.  They like time to think things through and process.
Red: They are flamboyant, tell stories, mix business with socializing and are ready to take action with little or no information, they hate rules and make decisions instantly. They love to party.
Guess what I am?
In fact they all laughed when we went over the communication styles and even the facilitator, who had only met one on one with me once, said he instantly knew I was a RED.
I tend to frustrate the Browns and the Greens. Oh well! Good thing David is a BLUE, through and through!
My RED likes the prospect of Women’s Physique, in fact I have found my music and I wanted to ask for your feedback- what do you all think? I am dying to get your input.
I want my routine to be upbeat, fun, fast paced and engaging. The music cannot have any foul language but the innuendo can still be there. It has to be fun, this is not going to work for me if it is too serious.
Take a look at this music video, the routine will only be 90 seconds long, but when you are depleted and dehydrated, that can be an awfully long time. I haven’t practiced  posing yet but am meeting with Steve on Friday to go over some and start. I can still play with my dancing though!

I will be continuing my search for music, I still have lots of time but this one was fun and seemed to have a good beat to it. I practiced dancing a bit in the living room, and decided I really need to learn the poses to decide if this would work.

I sent it to Roy who thought it was kinda slow, but I don't think it should be super fast or it would be difficult to hold the poses. He was also wondering if I was planning to replicate the barbie doll moves and I said no, I just thought they were cute....sheesh!
Email readers will need to navigate directly to the bog to view this. I would love to hear your feedback!