Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Show

It's almost midnight and I wanted to make sure you all knew what the results were! I was in two categories, "open" which is anyone of a certain height range (mine was over 5' 2" and up to and including 5' 4"); and then masters 50 and over.

There are five trophies awarded in each category.  I did not place in the open category. I must say it was disappointing, but then I realized that I have a lot of balls to think at the age of 51 I can strut out there and beat those younger gals. And I still think I can, and I will, but it all depends on who shows up and what they are looking for. I have not given up at all.

Several women thought I was in the Women's Physique category and not Figure, so this is encouraging to me, that's the division I wanted to move to.  I didn't think I was ready  yet, but apparently everyone else does! This is making me think about the possibilities, which I am really too tired to write about tonight, I still have to shower and get all this make up off my face and body.

The open category had 14 women in it, a big class. 

In the Master's 50 and over I came in 1st place! I was a little unsure at first, there was one other woman who could have taken it, I think my glutes were better, and the delts of course. This was a smaller class, only four of us.

For most of the day and evening I had a great time, I met some fun and interesting women and gave a lot of advise about diet and what I ate through this all. I think I came in looking better than I ever have, honestly. More muscle, a bit more bodyfat, face wasn't drawn, and everything looked tight.

I could not have done this without the fantastic training from Roy Ganju, of BodyComp Personal Training Gym, without whom I wouldn't look the way I do today, and I am more pleased with my physique than I have ever been, ever! He was able to add size to my frame, especially my quads and I know he is as excited about changing my physique to be what I want it to be also, its like Michelangelo and one of his sculptures. He works on my physique until he feels it is perfect- I like that. Have you ever been to the Louvre and seen the Statue of David? I think I stood and stared for an hour, it is a true work of art. And the time and advise that I received from Monique Varela was priceless. These are two people you want on your team, the winning team.

Of course, I cannot neglect the two people who have endured my diet and funky road trip- constant bathroom-pit stop schedule, and all the other fun things that go along with my hobby; David and Cooper. They put up with a lot, you would not believe how much they do. 

Thank you all (and David- thank you for the flowers).

I am looking forward to plotting out my next escapade! I am thinking, maybe just practice a routine for Physique, and see how that plays out this summer. This might be where I fit now, the judges are now leaning towards a Figure look as opposed to the Bodybuilder look. I understand that they seem to be awarding a softer look in Figure, and I don't want a softer look. I like looking hard and ripped, so, maybe. Maybe Physique!

Sometimes disappointment opens your eyes to other opportunities that have been staring you in the face for the longest time. Now I am excited!