Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm Just a Poser!

Women's Physique- It is a whole new level, not like Figure at all! I am so excited, I cannot wait to get started. This is the Front Double Biceps pose (I have to watch the fingers so they don't look like I am flipping the bird like this though!)

You can see I am adding size- I guess it all happens fairly quickly on this little body of mine, I lose it fast, I gain it fast!

I had a busy day training, I always love Fridays since I get off work early. I was at Gold's Gym when they opened at 5:00 a.m. and did 25 minutes on the stair mill then calves...always trying to build up these damn calves! 

Then off to work for a few hours and then at 12:00 noon, shoulders - German Volume Training with Roy Ganju at BodyComp Personal Training Gym.

I went home, dropped off my stuff and then back to Gold's Gym at 2:00 p.m. to meet Steven Schaller, he is a trainer and a Bodybuilder- we would be working on posing for the first time!

We went into the studio and started right in, although I had watched some YouTube videos, I really needed someone to show me and help adjust my positions.

Steve was great - very patient and he did his homework, he had pictures of pro competitors on his laptop to show me and we discussed their posing and physiques, I appreciated that.  He was familiar with some of the pro competitors and commented on their most recent shows and their look, we both know that Dana Linn Bailey looks awesome, and probably too shredded again to win, but we both agreed she has a fantastic physique, and we both prefer ripped and shredded over soft any day!

Steve showed me the 5 mandatory poses, and we went through them, along with quarter turns (they are a bit different than Figure) and I practiced what I thought looked best for my physique.

I was stunned by how cramped up you can get so quickly! I commented that although the fact that this is all performed bare footed, and I thought it would make it easier, you need to flex and tighten your whole body for a long time, and it's more difficult than standing on stage for a few minutes in the damn heels! And I started sweating, from posing! Now I have a better understanding of why there exists a 'hierarchy" in the industry now, this is definitely going to be more difficult than Figure, and it will take a lot more practice. 

What thrilled me the most is that for the first time, I noticed how muscular I am! I never thought I was, but then I was never standing around posing like this! I had a great time, and I am so looking forward to practicing how I can show off my hard earned muscle on stage better now. 

I will be watching the New York Pro show this weekend, and with a new eye for the foot placement, the hands, how they tilt the pelvis, I have a new found respect for these women...

I plan to meet with Steve a few more times, I want to practice and then get his feedback. I have lots of time and thats what I need right now. 

Below is an instructional video of the mandatory poses for the new division. Email readers will need to navigate to the blog to view this video.

Oh and I asked Steve something that I have always wondered, and asked at all of my shows and none of the women ever know the answer to ! I know what "The Moon Pose" is and it is not what I had always thought it was! LOL! You will need to ask if you want to know...