Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Meet my son, Cooper. He certainly isn't a little boy any longer! We are having fun together on the beach in Mexico just last week.

Cooper is very active, he plays lacrosse year round and also kick boxes.   I encourage him to be active and engaged in sports, I believe it not only keeps youth out of trouble, but develops a well rounded and healthy individual.

Several weeks ago I started to train in an "undulating periodiaztion" format, where I may lift heavy weights, low reps, long rest periods one day, and the next time working the same muscles, I will switch to lower weights, higher reps, shorter rest periods. I have really enjoyed this and I saw results quickly, so I wanted to read more about it.

On the plane ride over I started reading "The Poliquin Principles" by Charles Poliquin, he is credited with introducing this style of training to the world. Hailed as one of the world's premier strength coaches, Coach Poliquin has successfully trained professional athletes and Olympians worldwide.

I loved the book, I am already set to incorporate additional ideas into my training. But the real treat?

Because I was so charged up about this book and the principles, and because Cooper has seen my fast results, he has agreed to let me write up a few weight training programs for him, and wants me to train him at the gym as soon as his spring lacrosse season has ended!

A 16 year old male allowing his mother to train him? Pretty unusual, and pretty darn exciting!

We are going for as much solid mass as we can pack on! I am already doing that myself, in fact, with the training methods Coach Poliquin describes, my shoulders and back have grown to be massive! At least that's what SC said when I sent him a picture last week.

You know what's even more fun about training a 16 year old?   They have so much testosterone surging through their bodies and the need for so many calories,  they can eat stuff like this:

This is a plate of Venezuelan Hot Dogs. Steamed regular white buns, Caspars hot dogs (the best), topped with finely chopped red onion, cabbage, and crushed potato chips. Then a small amount of mayo, ketchup and mustard squeezed along inside.

Have I even had one? You bet! About four years ago...once and it was GREAT! David made this plate up for Cooper and his two buddies who spent the night last night, they devoured them.

Adults forget that our young males need a lot of calories right now, to add muscle mass they need to eat and they need to eat all the time!

Back to serious stuff though. Sunday when i got back into the gym, I incorporated some additional training aspects, I am jazzed, so excited at what the future holds!

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