Tuesday, March 8, 2011

9 Weeks to go


I am chugging right along, I have 9 weeks to go until my first competition of 2011, and I feel good! 

I have adjusted my diet a bit, I am eating less complex carbs and more fats, I am not sure if this will backfire on me or not, but I am maintaining a full look with tight skin, and my weight is fine. I am at 124.6 pounds, so seem to be right on target for fat loss.
Perhaps I will start posting my diet? I will wait and see if it is of interest to any readers first.

Really I am storing most of the fat in the abdominal area, I am so glad I don't have the genetics that cause me to have a pear shape, that is so difficult to lose! 

I am thinking my hamstrings need some more work, and they will certainly come around once the fat drops off, but my legs have always been my sticking point, they just won't get as big as I like!

Now it's pretty much auto-pilot, I will start practicing posing more, it is funny, people will walk by or see me and they think I am just checking myself out, which I am, but I have a reason to!
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