Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Week after Vacation

These were taken on Wednesday, 6 days after returning from vacation . I feel like I have lost the bloat, and am back on track. So many people do not understand how sensitive the body is to the foods(and drinks) we ingest.

A week ago I looked bloated, round in the belly, a little plump (for me), and now, I am looking amazingly better.

I dieted a little early so I could enjoy the vacation, the food and drink, and now I am feeling OK with my decision, I look fine.


Oh I am well aware I am not where I want to be yet, and I shouldn't be. Once I am at the body fat and look that I am trying to achieve, it will be held for but a fleeting few hours, it is not something that can be maintained long. Get there too early, and I will miss it!

I listen to so many other competitors complaining, whining, everyday. I wonder why they do it if they are so miserable? It doesn't have to be miserable, you make your life what it is.

I feel so much better eating my foods, adhering to my clean diet. Sure, I love to have some ribs or fries on occasion, but this is not the occasion!

It is all a journey, with valleys and hills. The journey is to be enjoyed, the smooth, wide highways and the bumpy, potholed country back roads.

Yes, there is a destination, but that is not the end is it? To have an end, to events in your life, feeling that "it" is over at some point, surely must cause a feeling of depression and disappointment. To me, it never ends, it is a cycle that continues.

Remember, it is not the destination, it is the journey. Enjoy it.