Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do Fit People Receive Better Treatment?

I was grocery shopping, the independent store I used to shop at for 31 years has closed, I am kind of lost right now, food is a huge part of my life. I knew all of the employees at this store, they treated me well, I enjoyed shopping there.

I headed to Whole Foods several miles from my home. There are two closer, but I like this one.

I am looking for dinner for both me and the boys, that means two completely different meals. Mine is easy, I will have fish or buffalo, and I think I shall make Veal Saltimbocca for the boys . It's a great dish and I have a wonderful small cookbook from Little Joe's Italian restaurant in North Beach in San Francisco, their motto is "Rain or shine, there's always a line!"

I am standing at the meat counter and the meat cutter says "may I help you miss?" (That's why I like it here - the butchers call me miss!)

I ask if he has any veal scallopini, I don't see any, just veal at $21.99 a pound. He says they do not and I look at it for a moment and then at him. He says "I will just turn it into scallopini for you!"

Off he goes, pounding gently so I don't have to, and then charges me the same price.

I then ask for a small buffalo steak, about 8 ounces, that's for me! He finds one and I ask if he can cut it in half, as I can only eat half at a time. He laughs and says "sure, and I will wrap them separately for you too!"

Off to the fish side, where the fish mongers are talking about the beautiful Halibut they just received. I ask for one piece, about 8 to 10 ounces if possible and one is located. I ask if he can cut it in half, and explain I am only allowed half on my diet. "Of course and I will wrap them separately for you too!"

I then got a pound of beautiful South American tilapia (don't eat the Chinese!) and listened to the various ways of cooking both fish, as offered by the fish guys. I then went on my way as several clerks said "hello", "do you need help?", "how are you today?"

I really didn't see too many other people having this type of interaction in the store.

I left feeling as good as I did when I came in, although my wallet was almost $100.00 lighter...

I think that fit people may get attention first, but what makes the interactions more personal and pleasant, is the attitudes. Fit people feel better about themselves, they like their bodies, they feel comfortable in their skin and it shows. I exude confidence, I feel good and people can see that, they want some of that "feel good" too, so the interactions become more intimate, more personal. People want a piece of the "magic" for themselves.

Dinner? My son and husband came home from a lacrosse game in San Francisco and my husband was getting sick, so off to bed he went and my son wanted his food. So I switched gears and made him veal parmesana, so David could have the veal saltimbocca the next day, I had enough for one veal dish tonight and two tomorrow.

Veal, mashed potatoes, and a mixture of cauliflower and broccoli. Cooper loved it, it was the first big meal he has had in a week since having the flu. That's my homemade "Joe's" tomato sauce on top, with white wine and chicken broth.

My dinner?

I was so excited I started eating before I could get take a picture. Buffalo top sirloin, 3 ounces white potato, big fat asparagus spears (it was a high calorie day for me). It was great, I actually ate the first piece of fish for meal #4 earlier and would have the other piece of fish the following day.

Back to attitudes though. Think about how you are presenting yourself when you interact with others, if you smile, you feel good, you are happy, it will show. They will feel good about interacting with you and both of you treat each other with kindness. It rubs off, like when you drive and someone lets you change lanes, you tend to let the next person change too, it's a circle, it can be a pleasant one or a vicious one, you choose.

You can capture that magic for yourself, start out in the gym, every single day and eat healthy. Treat yourself like the special, magical being that you are!

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