Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fleur de Cocoa

This may not look very special, but it is. I don't eat sweets often, I mean, it's hard to find one that is really worth the calories and the guilt. But I fell in love with Pain Aux Raisins when I was in Paris!

They may look like this or they may look just like a regular croissant, but they have sweet, caramelized raisins inside, if you always lean towards the chocolate or almond give these a try.

Even my brother didn't think it would be good, and after one bite, he started buying one every morning just like me. Or, as we walked through the city we would stop at all the beautiful pastry shops so we often had more than one a day, and always, always came home with one in our backpack.

As I was reading my local town paper today, the Los Gatos Weekly, I found an article about a small shop called Fleur de Cocoa. It is located in the heart of Los Gatos, on North Santa Cruz Avenue. I live right on the border of San Jose and Los Gatos, so this shop is only 4 miles from my front door! I haven't been in there in ages, but after reading this, I shall make a trip soon.

Fleur de Cocoa, sells the most amazingly beautiful, artistic chocolates and pastries. They also have a small selection of breakfast and lunch items, and of course coffee and hot cocoa.

Chef Pascal Janvier has just recently received the title "Chocolate Ambassador" from the Zurich based Barry Callebaut, the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality chocolate products.

Only 15 chefs in the United States were extended membership and now this exclusive club has only about 100 worldwide!

So, my brain started clicking and thinking about treats in May, after my competition! Forget the Doritos's and Snickers bar! I will have my husband go to Fleur de Cocoa on the day of the competition, before he comes up for the night show and he will bring me goodies!

I am thinking one pain aux raisin, then some caramels covered with dark chocolate.

Followed by dark chocolates with salt

Or maybe a whole box of chocolates!

Actually, I couldn't eat them all and a one pound box will run approximately $52.00, so I will stick with a few. I can actually walk in, pick out two beautiful chocolates and leave, quite happy.

I will go the day before my competition, look at the selection and give them the order, and then my husband can go pick it up in a beautiful box (along with that pain aux raisin), wrapped with a satin ribbon and bring it to me, of course, along with a nice bottle of champagne!

Read the entire article, I highly recommend paying him a visit, maybe have a croque madam for lunch! And if you are in town, stop by and say hi!

I now have a great incentive to stick to my diet!

Article on Fleur de Cocoa
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