Tuesday, March 29, 2011

6 weeks to go

Six weeks left and I still feel great! There is actually no reason not to, I allow myself plenty of calories, and I happen to love vegetables so that makes it much easier.

I can see there is very little body fat left in my upper body, and the skin on my stomach is starting to feel "thin", that's really the best way to describe it when you are trying to lose the fat.

Pinch the skin that is right above your waistband, feel the thickness? Now pinch the skin on the back of your hand. That's more like what I will feel like in the abdomen area in 6 more weeks.

Back is looking good, check out the baggy little pants! Ha Ha! These are smalls, time to move into the extra smalls (they are actually swim suit bottoms but don't tell anyone!)

Starting to be able to see the serratus muscles along my side, (I would really need to remove my top for you to see, so trust me on this one), and the nice deep "V" running down the side from the suprailiac (the part that is oh so attractive on some shirtless males).

Shoulders are still round and full and the arms continue to amaze me!

Fitting in the daily hospital visits with twice a day training will prove to be a rather challenging task, but what the heck, I am up to the challenge!
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