Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sardines and Soo Foo

Salad, Sardines, Soo Foo. 

Sardines are very good for you, but you must be careful about the ones you buy. Often they are packed in oil, and since sardines are high in calories themselves, it's best to avoid the oil. Also, most are packed in soybean oil! I avoid soybean oil (and soy in general) due to the Omega 6 fatty acids. The Western diet includes way too much Omega 6 fatty acids, don't make it worse by ingesting vegetable oils! If you must choose a sardine in oil, look for one in olive oil.

I found these sardines on sale and bought several cans. Smokey, great flavored sardines. You don't need much, 55-60 grams is a good serving, although I need a bit more protein, that's why I added the hard cooked egg.

What is in this can of sardines?  Sardine fillets and salt! And they are from the cold waters of Maine.

Read a little about the excellent health benefits of sardines. Omega 3 fatty acids is what they are known for, and we all need more of those!

Below is a picture of Soo Foo. This is a yummy mixture of 9 different grains, legumes and rice and that can be served hot, room temperature or cold in a salad. I buy this at Whole Foods grocery in the bulk section, but you can also buy it online.

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So just what did this great salad contain? I made it before training hamstrings, it gave me the energy I needed without a great deal of heaviness.

Cucumber, carrots, snow peas, savoy cabbage (chopped), frisee, 2 ounces cooked Soo Foo (less than a serving), 56 grams sardines, 1 hard cooked egg, balsamic/mustard vinaigrette (no oil).