Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rice Cakes

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I know most people think rice cakes are a "girl thing", but really, they are for everyone! So for those who don't eat a "bodybuilder" or "figure gal" diet, you may not be aware of just how important rice cakes are to us.

Rice cakes are one of the few crunchy things (outside of a carrot or celery) that can be eaten when on a super strict diet, they don't have many calories or carbs and provide a quick energy boost.

At a competition they are typically eaten backstage with honey and peanut butter- the starch, sugar and carbs fill out the muscles (eat about 40 minutes prior to going on stage).

I have always eaten regular rice cakes- Quaker brand, you can find them anywhere. I have never tried a flavored one, I figured if I liked caramel or chocolate too much I would end up with a bad habit I cannot easily break. 

I would typically eat salt free rice cakes, one cake is 9 grams in weight and is 35 calories and 7 grams carbs. They are brown rice, (even though they look lily white), but they are puffed. They are light and have the consistency of Styrofoam, in reality all they are is a vehicle for peanut butter. 

Recently I bought Lundbergs Organic Brown Rice cakes. Each cake weighs twice as much- 19 grams, and has 60 calories and 14 grams carbs. Wow- so twice as much of everything, which means if I eat two of the Quaker I can only eat one of the Lundberg.

But it's OK! The flavor of these things are amazing! They are nutty and chewy, with texture and flavor. Everything the puffed ones are not. Its quality versus quantity.

Now I really am an addict. I wonder which meal I can skip so I can have one rice cake and peanut butter instead- sick huh?

I thought I would pass this on, I figured that if I had only recently tried the Lundberg, (I avoided them due to the double calories), maybe others have avoided them too...

Try them, they are wonderful!