Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Nice huh?

Venus Williams.

My mother in law would cringe, no she would probably shut off the TV. She loved tennis and she also loved the ceremony of it all. I am sure she didn't care much for Venus. But that's OK, they are both two very powerful women in my opinion!

I think Venus is an amazing woman, and she has balls too. I like that. So what do you think makes her wear something like this on a clay tennis court? I am guessing the match doesn't last long, I mean the judges wouldn't stand for this would they?

I would love to be there.

So, if you had a butt like this, wouldn't you flaunt it?  She is actually wearing pants, they just happen to be the same color as her skin, and she happens to have a damn fantastic set of glutes.

I work to have glutes like this too, and they are fairly respectable but compared to Venus, not where they should be.

If there is one body part I can encourage women to focus on, it's the glutes. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to have a nice, tight, round set of glutes, it is necessary to maintain good health! 

Mine are really popping now, I noticed it recently, the upper glute is especially round, and high, On Monday I asked Roy what exactly is doing this, they really haven't looked so good before! He said it was all the Glute Ham Raises.

I don't think you will see me in a dress like this though...I don't know how to play tennis!