Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Baby Got Back (squats)

Yes, I am talking "Back Squats"...Roy has changed the quad training and we are doing Back Squats now, and the thing is, my glutes thrive on Back Squats, they get huge, even bigger than they already are!

So while Back Squats, especially "duck foot" will target the outer sweep of my quads, my glutes will also grow, and grow and grow!

It's OK, and actually it's great- I like a big, firm, round butt. It is necessary for women to do exercises like this, especally women who have the "pear shape" syndrome (which I don't), as so many of them carry so much excess baggage here.

Back to the squats though- he has me with a wide stance, but not as wide as I used to use, and the feet are flared out "duck foot", so that when I squat down, the knees will follow the feet and flare out instead of straight in front.

Wednesday we started and he had me barefoot, another "challenge" I did my squats then lunges, lots of lunges.

On my own, on Saturday he said to do the Back Squats then the Leg Press, with a low foot position, all the way down, bringing my knees as close to my chest as possible.

I started warming up with squats, I need lots of warm ups to succeed. 1 x 4 @45 pounds; 1 x 4 @65 pounds; 1 x 4 @85 pounds; 1 x 5 @95 pounds; 1 x 5 @115 pounds, 1 x 8 @ 135 pounds; then 4 x 10 at 135 pounds. I realize this is not a huge amount of weight, but remember I am going low, as far down as I can can physically go.

Then onto the Leg Press : 2 x 4 @90 pounds; 2 x 10 @270 pounds; then 4 x 10 @360 pounds.

I ended with lunges, I did three sets of 10 on each leg, with 25 pound dumbbells. Slow, all the way down, knee reaching out front over the toes, pushing off with the toe, propelling myself forward.

I always love it when my training changes, I start out with a struggle, and the second time I am much more comfortable, I adapt quite easily. I am looking forward to the Back Squats!