Thursday, January 12, 2012

The back is second fiddle now

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I have always been able to develop a nice wide back, and a good V-taper. I usually train back twice a week, and now I am changing it to once a week. I may lose a little detail, but I can dial that back in when I feel I need or want to.


Change is good!

Especially for a training. The human body is a master at adaptation. Look at the various populations of the world, they all adapt to their climate and terrain. Look at the people at the gym who do the same thing over and over, day in and day out, they look the same right? Their bodies have adapted to their workouts, their bodies are expecting the same old thing everyday. 

So while I have a very well defined and muscular upper body, I still need to increase the development of my legs, they need some size!

It seems to be more effective to split the hamstrings and the quads into two different days. The hamstrings are primarily fast twitch and get exhausted quickly, and the quads are primarily slow twitch, they can go on forever. 

I have been training hams one night with Roy, and then quads another night, and combining them together one day on my own (hitting the hams first of course). 

I am changing it up to increase the volume, and that means I need to take something out, one of my workouts needs to go, and that will be one of my two back days.

Here is what my training split will be:

Monday - Hamstrings
Tuesday - Shoulders
Wednesday - Quads
Thursday - Hamstrings
Friday - Shoulders
Saturday - Quads
Sunday - Back/Arms

It is going to be tough, my legs have actually been sore every single day for the last two weeks anyway, and I am a little hesitant to add yet another day in, and a day devoted only to Quads (or hamstrings) as it means a much more intense workout on that bodypart.

But I love change, I love a challenge, I love a new experience. And when you see my back, if it's starts lagging- shoot me an email and let me know!