Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Pain and the Pleasure

I am smiling, but inside I am crying. Everything hurts, and that is not typical for me. I find it very interesting as I believe the order of my training split has really been the catalyst, and of course the fact that I have been off all week so I am training like a fiend! 

I switched up my split because I couldn't train with Roy on Monday, so I trained shoulders on my own in the afternoon after returning home from my father in laws house.

Tuesday I was at Courtside at 5:00 am and I trained calves and then ran through my kickboxing conditioning, all out, 100% effort. At 1:00 I trained with Roy and we trained quads. I was OK then, the split squats did not get the better of me. 

Wednesday I was at Courtside again at 5:00 am and did it all over again, the basketball courts are empty that early, I can run and box and the place is all mine. My abs were sore because I not only trained them with my conditioning on Tuesday, but I tried a machine on Monday afternoon that I had never used before. Brett was sitting on it as I sat resting in the squat rack between sets, we were talking and I laughed and said I had never used it, in fact I pretty much steer clear of machines. He told me to give it a try, it would cause me some pain. He was right.

At 4:30 pm I met Roy and we trained Hamstrings. My hamstrings and glutes were still sore from my hamstring training on Saturday, it was hard to go heavy. But I did, I failed at the end of my GHR but I killed the single leg barbell deadlifts, heavier than last week. These glutes will soon be their own person.

Thursday I was at Courtside at 5:00 am and trained back and biceps, then down to the basketball courts for conditioning again, but I couldn't go as long, my body ached all over and the heavy weight session wiped me out.

Friday it was Courtside again at 5:00 am for calves and conditioning, I took my time since I was still off work and I finished at 6:45 am. Then Roy at 12:00 pm for shoulders. 

Saturday I was at the gym at 6:00 am when they opened for leg day! And my glutes and hams were still sore from Wednesday, hmm that means they have been sore for a week non- stop right?  There would be no kickboxing class, in fact I would be going to Jerome's for dinner. I looked for a studio to do my conditioning, but every single room, plus the basketball court was full. Seems everyone decided to get fit on this one last day of the year.

Saturday night as I sat at dinner party on New Years Eve, I was massaging my very sore forearms, I guess from the rope training we did on Friday.

I got home at one in the morning, much later than I ever stay up but enjoyed myself at one of the best dinner parties I have ever attended! I think there were 23 of us, the youngest was 5 months and the oldest in their 80's. We sat for hours enjoying course after course (after all, most of the guests were French and the French know how to enjoy food!). Luckily I made sure to drink plenty of water and had two liters at dinner. I decided to sleep in and go to the gym whenever I woke, and unfortunately David had his cell phone by the bed and at 6:00 a.m. it ran low on batter power and an alarm sounded. Ugh...I couldn't go back to sleep, so decided it was about time for the gym! I went in, hit the back and biceps hard and went home after an hour an a half.

I am down three pounds and I think it's the cardio that I swapped for kickboxing style conditioning. Although I have been off all week, I haven't added any extra workouts in, although I have lingered longer that usual at the gym. I have been enjoying several good meals with the family so all I can attribute this to is the conditioning, I will definitely keep it up and just watch to make sure I don't drop much more right now, it's too early.