Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gym Rules

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We all have our own set of "rules" about the gym, our own set of "pet peeves". I stick to my self most of the time, and unless I am stretching or warming up on the treadmill, I don't notice people around me too much, I am in my own zone and concentrating on what I am there to do.

I love training and when it is disrupted, I can get a little irritated.

I thought of this as I talked on the phone with "Mike", the head HVAC guy at Courtside. Mike was being nice, but I was a little miffed. I lodged a complaint, the last several days the weight room has been cold. I mean frigid cold. I have been wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants, and am still afraid my hands will freeze to the metal bars. I am not a happy camper.

Mike explained that the heat is off to the weight room, intentionally. Seems folks complained it was too warm. I have never noticed that, and I tell him there must be a happy medium.

He said to give him a week before I take it further. I am hoping you can get it working Mike!

Our conversation made me think of other things that bother me at the gym.

I have my own ideas about what are very ineffective things I see people do all the time. When I see people doing these things I just wonder why they got out of bed. It reminds me of a saying that Issac posted up on the whiteboard at BodyComp Personal Training Gym, where I train with Roy:

"If you aren't living life on the edge, you are taking up too much space!"

If you are doing these things, you are wasting space in the gym:

1) Read and ride a stationary bike.

2) Text or email while on the stairmill.

3) Read the newspaper in between sets.

4) Socialize, socialize, socialize.

5) Cardio only, all the time. Period.

I have my own set of things that really bother me too:

1) The stinky guy. He wears the same damn thing everyday and he stands next to me. He cannot possibly wash those clothes by the smell of them. Yuck!

2) Perfume and cologne. ANY! Please don't douse yourself before you come in, I need to breathe. This is not a nightclub, save it for later. I am not sure which is worse, the stinky guy or perfume princess.

3) Big guys who ask me to spot them. Come on, really? You are a 200 pound stud and you want a 125 pound female to spot you on your bench?

4) Using the benches as a storage space for your water bottle, cell phone, towel, book, etc. I am here to train, I need to use the benches, put your stuff in a locker or on the floor.

5) Stopping me during my training and asking me "How do I get rid of (fill in the blank)?" "How much should I eat?" "How many days should I train?"....

I don't mind giving some suggestions, but at the right time and I cannot help plan your entire life in 5 minutes! Catch me in the cafe or in the locker room, and how about a simple question, not a request for an entire diet plan.

I hope you aren't doing anything on my list! If you are, you may want to see how those around you are reacting to you.