Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back and Bicep Training

Sunday morning, and I haven't trained back in a week. I cut one day out to add in a quad day. You can see things are looking a bit tighter (clothing) all over, more muscle, more fat, more me! Weight is up, I am at 130 pounds.

I don't like the added fat but I will be fine, soon I will start a diet and then we can see how the added muscle looks with no bodyfat covering it.

I was quite surprised at how strong I felt, I guess giving the back a rest helped me recover so I could go really strong.

I started with pull ups, and chin ups, sets of 6, changing my hand position with each set. I did 4 sets and in between I did dips, 10 reps in each set. 

On to the low cable row. 90 pounds, 3 sets of 10 with a wide grip handle, then 2 sets with a triangle. I made sure to count slowly on the eccentric movement, timing each set with only one minute rest between each.

Then the same technique with the lat pull down, 90 pounds again, 5 sets of 10. 

Down to the lower weight room where the power racks are. I will do barbell bent over rows. I warm up with 65 pounds, then go with 95 pounds. 5 sets of 12, 90 second rest in between.

Bicep curls with the e-z bar curl. I like these, I can go fairly heavy. I did 5 sets of 10 with a total of 58 pounds.

Back upstairs and I warm up with a 25 pound dumbbell with single arm dumbbell bent over rows. You really can cheat yourself on these, it is important to maintain a good bent over stance, squeezing the back at the top with each row, lowering slowly down, then pulling up explosively.

After my warm up I grab the 45 pound dumbbell and do 4 sets of 10 on each side.

I am done, I make a note to go up quite a bit on everything next Sunday, except the e-z bar curl, I don't think I can go much heavier there.

Next week I shall change it up a bit, I will add in some skull crushers, T-bar rows and heavier weights all over.