Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emu Egg Omelet

Dang that's a BIG egg! David and I were shopping at the Mountain View Farmer's Market and were getting some meat- Jim had these huge Emu eggs displayed on the table. I admired them but didn't think of eating one until another customer started telling me how wonderful they were, and then I had to have one.

She said they made a very rich and fluffy omelet, and I love omelets, I can eat them three times a day and have actually been known to! Eggs are one of the best protein sources we can eat. Typically I eat egg whites and will add one whole egg, this would indeed be a special omelet. 

What she didn't tell us right away was that the shells are very thick, and actually collector's items so you need to drill a hole in the end and blow out the egg so the shell can be preserved. Sounds like a fun night to me!

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We would have an Emu omelet with some strong stinky cheese and truffles. A glass of sparkling wine and the evening would be complete.

First we drilled two holes in the egg. (Video)

Then, we, no I had to get the egg out of the shell. The Emu egg is a bit different than a chicken egg. Chicken eggs contain 37% saturated (bad) and 63% unsaturated (good) fats, while emu eggs contain 31% saturated and 68% unsaturated fats.  Both contain all 8 of the essential amino acids needed in human nutrition.  Chicken eggs contain about 65% white, 35% yolk.  Emu eggs contain 55% white, and 45% yolk.  The big green eggs yield about two cups of egg.  One large chicken egg is about one quarter cup.

I decided to get a very large stick a break the yolk up while it was inside the egg, this way I could blow it out of the teeny tiny hole. The texture of the egg was very thick, I could feel the thickness with the stick and it was rather gross. (Video)

Then, I had to keep blowing the egg out of the shell, it was very thick and didn't cooperate well.  David and Derek had a good time as I did all the work.

Here I am in action, the egg is starting to come out now. (video)

Now it's really coming out and it seems like it just won't end! There is an awful lot of egg in this big green orb! And look how thick it is, the stick is standing up in the egg!

Once all of the egg was out, I had to take a breather- that took quite some time! We heated a very large skillet and started to cook the egg(s).

Then, we grated some stinky french cheese we purchased in Berkeley at the cheese board, and I shaved some black truffle. Yes, I happen to have a dedicated truffle shaver, not that it gets used often enough.

The egg was too large for us, so the omelet turned into scrambled eggs. The cheese was gooey and melted inside,  and I cooked the egg only until it was just set and still very creamy- I hate dry eggs! A generous shaving of black truffle on top and dinner was served!

I will buy these again, the egg was rich, creamy and fluffy at the same time, it must be the extra yolk to white ratio! I don't know if we will have as much fun with the next one, but we will certainly try!

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