Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweeps and Cuts

Posted by PicasaI am forever working on my legs, I can never get them big enough. The average woman would probably kill for my legs, long, lean, I don't carry weight in my thighs, I do not have cankles.

But I also don't have those nice big quadriceps muscles, that make a beautiful sweep out to the side, just above the knee , but I have been working on it and working hard.

I am striving to have big, meaty thighs so that when I lose bodyfat, the muscles really pop, and with the right training, strict diet and addition of cardio, you will see deep cuts in the muscles.

I am training legs three times a week, two days heavy and one day light. I require multiple training sessions in a week in order to induce supercompensation increases.

The General Adaptation Syndrome, proposed by Hans Seyle in 1936, requires that an increase in training load be applied as soon as it is apparent that recovery has occurred. Continued use of the initial, adapted-to-load will not induce any disruption of homeostasis and therefore cannot lead to further progress.  Because I have been training many years, and I am no longer a novice, I do not adapt with just one heavy session, it takes more and therefore a longer training and recovery cycle.

I will be changing everything around soon as I am heading into the last few weeks of training prior to my show. I will start using higher reps, lower weights, more cables, more machines, more mindless circuit training.
I will incorporate more cardio and not try to add muscle, I will try to sculpt my body more.
I will start in two days, but for now, this is what I have been doing.
Sweeps and Cuts

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