Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Ready!

Posted by PicasaI went to see SC this morning (Friday) to have bodyfat checked. I am one week away from my competition.

When you get to this point, you just cannot see yourself as you really look to others, and I don't have a trainer, or a nutritionist, or a coach, or anyone else to help me, only David who says everyday "You look great!".

Thanks hon, but I need a little more detail....

SC last checked bodyfat on September 9, and I was at 6.9%, neither one of us was too happy about it.

I walked in, he was eating oatmeal on the couch in a different office, then he followed me into his office. "Kristy- you're  walking around in bootie shorts!"...."No" I said, "they are underwear"... I was wearing my favorite Nike compression shorts, blue this time with a great orange waistband.

He checked the 9 sites, it gives you a really good average, in fact it comes within tenths to the hydrostatic testing when done correctly. 

Here are the results: 

Tricep          0
Bicep           0
Subscapular  3
Supralliac     0
Pectoral       0
Abdominal    2
Kidney         2
Quadricep    3
Calf            1
Lower Glute 9

Weight: 122 pounds    Fat: 2.7%    Lean Mass: 118.70 pounds

Where was I 16 days ago on September 9?

Weight: 123.6 pounds  Fat 6.9%     Lean Mass: 116.80 pounds

I am quite excited that I weigh 122, at my last competition in July I was at 120, and bodyfat was at 3.93%. This means I have added lean body mass
So what did I do do drop all of this fat so quickly? I started carb cycling and adding more cardio. My carb cycling consists of eliminating starches at dinner for three nights, then adding them back in the fourth (3 ounces). 
I then increased cardio from 30 minutes to 50 minutes every night.

I have continued lifting and lifting as heavy as always, I don't reduce calories much from my typical diet, the most drastic change is a reduction of starches by 1 ounce at every meal for a couple weeks at a time. My biggest change is in the macro-nutrients ratios, so I usually don't have the fatigue that many people do from lack of calories.

What does this all mean now? It means I need to now start on my one week pre competition changes, adding more carbs back in to fill out, and a little more fat so I don't start looking stringy. 
I will also start circuit training now, and moving away from my usual heavy lifting, I want to keep all the muscles full and round looking.

I will lose more weight, you cannot just halt it instantly. I will still do cardio, but cut it way down.

I need to tighten up more, I feel like my skin is not tight enough, of course, being 49 might have a little to do with it! Once the creatine continues to leave my body, and I dehydrate closer to show time, I should look tight enough, or at least as tight as I will ever get!

Oh, this also meant for dinner I had this:

4 ounces Filet Mignon, 3 ounces red potato, mushrooms and green beans...all covered with pepper and lemon (about all I can use right now). It was wonderful, only missing a glass of red wine!

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