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The Blond Bomber

Posted by PicasaMy latest book. This is an actual picture of my book, I buy a lot of books so I get them used. This particular one came from Lexington Public Library, I wonder how many people checked it out before I bought it?
Dave Draper is an interesting fellow. I subscribe to his newsletter via email and he has an interesting way of writing, I think I would like to meet him someday.
For those who are not familiar with Dave,  I will tell you a bit about him. He was born on April 16, 1942 and began weight training at the age of 10. At 21, he won the Mr. New Jersey title.  Six months later he moved to Santa Monica, California, working for the Weider Barbell Company until 1969. During this period he also worked in motion pictures.

In the early days, Draper says, "There wasn't a whole bunch of encouragement or inspiration from a society which considered you either stupid or egotistical and probably a sissy."

In California, Draper initially trained at a gym many called "The Dungeon", which he described as "a large, awful space dug out of the ground on the corner of 4th and Broadway, and later at the original Gold's Gym.
Training partners included Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu and Mike Katz.

Here are some other titles  he won:
 1965 IFBB Mr. America Tall Class & Overall, 1st
 1966 IFBB Mr. Universe Tall Class & Overall, 1st
 1967 Mr. Olympia 4th
 1970 AAU Mr. World 3rd
 1970 IFBB Mr. World Tall & Overall, 1st
 1970 NABBA Mr. Universe Tall, 3rd
Until recently,  Dave owned and operated World gym in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Laree, and he continues to lift weights to this day.
In this book, he has lots of interesting facts about bodybuilding "back in the day", and sound advise. He has one interesting trick about eating nothing but tuna and water for several days to quickly drop body fat and get ripped, I may try it some day, but not right now when I am only a few weeks away from a competition. I will definitely post my results for all to hear and see though!
Here is a piece from his book: Brother Iron Sister Steel, just to give you an idea how his writing will make you look inward, to understand yourself and your motivation.
There comes a time, sooner or later, when you must listen to yourself and not those around you. You must become the student and teacher at once. Look directly to yourself and your training as the masters. If you enjoy the magazines and the science and research, sip on them as one does afternoon tea. Enjoy the aroma, swirl the flavorful liquid about the palate, note the heady summaries but don't expect sustenance. This comes from you, the gym and hard work over and over again. Insight and revelation fall like sweet rain from above on the sunniest days.

Pick up the book, and sign up for his newsletter at Iron Online. You can even join the forum and talk with others, and take in some good advise.
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