Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chorizo Turkey Cutlets

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We returned home from a lacrosse game, about an hour and a half later than I thought we would. Of all people, I didn't bring food with me! The game was a one hour indoor game, and was smack dab in between meals.
Shaydon Santos, the program director asked Cooper to stay a bit longer, Telemundo was filming and wanted some of the Cali*Lax players in the footage.  
By the time I got home, I was hungry and missed a meal. Missing a meal is a real problem when you are prepping for a competition, it may even be worse than eating too much!
I had a rice cake and some peanut butter to hold me a bit, then started making dinner.

David was making cooper "a little snack". He had a chorizo quesadilla, dripping in melted cheese. It made me really, really hungry for chorizo. I knew the cheese was out of the question though.
Dinner was turkey cutlets, they are pre sliced, thin rounds of turkey breast that cooks very quickly. I decided to make turkey cutlet chorizo!
I got a large non-stick skillet, sprayed it with olive oil cooking spray, then placed the turkey cutlets in the pan. I generously sprinkled them with chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder (be sure to use the powders and not the salts), pepper and salt.

Once they browned, I turned them over and sprinkled the same thing on the other side then poured in a generous amount of red wine vinegar, which sizzled and began to cook off quickly. One more turn, a bit more vinegar and it was done.
I served it with a side of plain brown rice, (2 ounces), I am now eating to lose fat so starches are restricted, steamed cauliflower and a mixture I had made the previous day of roasted cubed eggplant and sauteed red bell peppers, poblano peppers, and pimiento de padron peppers.
It satisfied my chorizo craving, and I now have a new tasty meal in my repertoire.
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