Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Power of Pink

Posted by PicasaI went to see SC the other day, to have bodyfat checked.  I was getting a little freaked out because my competition is three weeks away and I didn't feel lean enough yet.

I had't had it checked since my last competition in July, and it didn't matter what it was after that because I wasn't competing. I was still "lean" as far as a regular fit, non-competing person walking around.

We were in his office, I stripped down to shorts and bra top and pulled out my calipers and chart, so he could check the 9 sites.

He was staring at me. He said "Kristy, what's the deal? You're all pink! You have a pink gymboss, pink bra and pink shorts! What happened to you?!"

You see, I'm really not a "pink" kinda gal, never have been.

Then I explained that I discovered there is something about a muscular, buff and cut woman lifting weights, wearing pink that drives men absolutely nuts. I asked if I was right, I said "look at you, it's making you wild!" ha ha ha, he agreed. He just kept shaking his head, I was laughing hysterically.

In fact, I wasn't wearing shorts but Nike compression shorts, which come in all sorts of bright flashy colors. I asked him if they weren't the cutest underwear he's seen in ages!

There is something about the pink....

SC started checking and here are the results:

Tricep 1 mm
Bicep 1 mm
Subscapular 4 mm
Supralliac 1 mm
Pectoral 1 mm
Abdominal 6 mm
Kidney 5 mm
Quadricep 3 mm
Calf 1 mm
Lower Glute 8 mm
I weigh 123.6 at the time, so my bodyfat is 5.59%.

I have 6.90 pounds of fat on my body and 116.70 pounds of lean body mass.
My lean body mass is down, I think that the meningitis I had in July took it's toll, in fact, I know it did.
SC looks at the numbers and says "I'm not happy with the abdominal and the kidney"  
Heck, neither am I! But still, how many women who are 49 years old would kill to be at 5.59 % bodyfat? Every one of them! How many 18 year old women would kill for bodyfat that low?!

He said "Your butt looks good though!"  I reminded him that my butt always looks good, it's the quads I keep struggling with. I have been squatting and squatting heavy three times a week. That's why my butt has no fat but is round and full.
He suggested that I need to stop back squatting and stick to the front squats to hit the quads harder.
I get dressed, I won't let this disturb me, I have a few more pounds to lose in the next few weeks, it means continuing my two a days at the gym, weights in the morning, then cardio in the evening, I can do it.

I need to get a bit lower than 4%, that's the only way I look good on stage. I have done it many, many times, I can do it again.
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