Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fig Pop Tarts

Posted by PicasaI am really thinking about food, and I get to eat whatever I want in a week. This is really a big part of the fun, you never know how much you appreciate the "little things" till you cannot have them.

Many people may think I am a freak, 7 days from a competition and I am standing in the kitchen making a giant homemade pop tart! 

It really isn't a pop tart, it is called a fig-berry pastry tart.

The dough is butter, cream cheese, sugar, salt and flour.I made it the weekend prior and put it in the freezer.

Inside is a mess of figs from my tree, blueberries, orange juice, and brown sugar.

Here it is before it was cooked down so it could be spread on the bottom layer of the dough.

Then I rolled out another layer, pricked it all over and laid it on top and sealed the edges to make the giant pop tart!

A powdered sugar, butter, lemon juice glaze went on top, and now it is cooling. Then it will be cut into small square and sealed in an airtight container, waiting for ME! I promised Maegan Swain that she could try some too.
I have just one tiny concern, and that is the fact that it smells heavenly, and I just had three teenage boys and my husband file past on their way to a Sharks game, wondering when it will be done.
I will be in bed asleep when they get home, I said they could try it, but please remember it is a post competition treat for me. They would never intentionally eat it all, but when something is so good you cannot help yourself.....

I have a small can of Sofia sparkling wine in the fridge, it comes with a sippy straw. My girlfriend and I sometimes drink them and chat as we have pedicures. I plan to crack that little can open right after my competition, and drink it and eat a piece of this tart...
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