Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Pain of the Kick

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Saturday late afternoon my body started aching all over. Could one brutal day of kickboxing have done that already? My lower back hurt and I don't typically have back problems, but this was all new to me.

I made a cup of tea and went to bed at 8:00...on a Saturday night! I read a bit, chatted some on email (I have my Kindle Fire by the bed) and soon it was lights out.

I lay there so very tired yet unable to sleep, it was the coffee I had at lunch. I shouldn't do that, I am super sensitive to stimulants in the afternoon, damn I shouldn't have had so much!

David came to bed and I chatted away, he finally told me very kindly to shut up and go to sleep. I tried, I really tried but it just didn't happen.

As I lay there, I thought that just about everything hurt. My pecs hurt and that couldn't be from kickboxing, was that from Friday's training with Roy? My lower back, my shins, my traps, it all started to blend into one achy mess.

I woke up at 5:00 am to the alarm, time to go to the gym, it was back and bicep day. I didn't have the enthusiasm that I usually do, I still felt achy, but I went in, gotta go! 

I decided to veer from my written plan and felt like doing a lot of chin ups and pull ups today, so I did several sets of 6, I think I did 6 sets. Dips in between. Then the low row, bent over barbell, e-z bar curl, single arm bent over row and offset dumbbell curl.

Then I did it. I grabbed my gloves, and walked down to the gym. I would do the conditioning all over again on my own. I practiced on the heavy bag a bit, and the speed bag was lowered so I could practice my hook there. Then I set up my own course around the gymnasium. Push ups, jog, high knee jump, jog, jump-sprawl, jog, squat, jog and all over again till I got to 10 of each.

I have decided to try this on Sundays instead of the stairmill, I will just recreate my Saturday kickboxing conditioning!