Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Ideal Female Body

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Yesterday I wrote how most people think Jessica Beil is too muscular and several people commented and emailed- Can they be nuts? Who took this poll? How many idiots participated? (my own comment here).

I had to search to find the one I saw this in, and I found it! I will post the link below, please read it.

The poll was on Leigh Peel's site- and it is very, very interesting. I do like reading Leigh, she says it like it is and doesn't mice words.

What I find so amazing is how educated people think that it is easy to bulk up and look like a bodybuilder. Do you know how hard I train, how precise I am with my diet, how regimented I am with supplements and sleep, yet I still have not achieved the look I want? I will be there someday, and am actually getting close.

Today, I was training legs. It was Saturday, I could take my time and I would. I went in feeling high as a kite, I usually do feel like that on my way to the gym, but I wouldn't have to go to work so I felt especially carefree.

I weighed myself, I hadn't in about a week, it really doesn't matter what I weigh right now. I was surprised, I have lost a few pounds, but then I need to remember that my weight always fluctuates with what I ate the previous days before. I was at 128, and only a week ago I was at 133 and had been for quite some time, odd, very, very odd.

I look at myself quite a bit, critiquing. I like the way I am looking right now. My arms look really big and curvy, I have biceps and delts, I like that. I have traps, and while I don't want big traps, I always seem to have them. Friday Roy told me that was one of the first things he noticed about me when he met me, I had big traps. He said you can tell a real athlete by their traps. A real athlete doesn't need to train them, they grow because of the correct training. I never train traps- ever. But they are there from my deadlifts, RDL's, shoulder work, sled work, everything.

I was sitting resting on a bench near the end of my training and Denise asked if she could work in on the GHR. She looked up at me and said "Your body composition has changed quite a bit, are you getting ready for a show?" 

Believe me, you cannot pay me a better compliment than to ask "are you getting ready for a show?" It means I look GOOD! I asked her - "tell me how it has changed, what do you see?"

"Muscle, you have put on a lot of muscle. There was a time, maybe about a month when it didn't look like muscle, but it has changed and it looks like it now."

I smiled, "thanks, that is just what I am trying to do. I struggled with my diet for a while, I am eating more, trying to gain and add size, and it's hard to get it dialed in, it's new to me"

"So you are trying to add more muscle? Well it's working! You look good." she said.

Hear that Roy? Good Job!

I finished training and passed Stacy in the hall- she wanted to talk so I told her to meet me in the cafe, I needed coffee. 

Stacy came up to me "You really look good right now!" I told her  "Yes I think so too, I feel good, I look good I am getting to where I want to be, it feels great!"

Here is Leigh's post about "The Ideal Female Body", I think you will find the results interesting.