Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friday's Shoulders

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Roy changed the training, he said we will be doing something similar to this for the next couple months. He wants to see how I respond to it. Shouldn't take too long to find out, my body adapts and responds quite quickly. 

Friday- How many times have I told you I love Fridays? I get to do everything I love! I hit the gym when they open at 5:00 am and I walk on the stairmill for 20 minutes, actually I was kind of rocking out because I was listening to some new music and closed my eyes and zoned out, when I opened my eyes I found people staring at me laughing. I get into it sometimes, it's actually the only way to make it through the cardio!

Then abs, I practice my Dragon Flags and hanging leg lifts. Then stretching and just a little boxing, not too much since it is shoulder day with Roy.

Work lasts all of 4 hours...ha ha off at 11:30 and then I drive to Roys.

We stretch and start with barbell shoulder presses. He goes pretty heavy, that's the new program for a while. Low reps, heavy weights, several sets.

The back of the bench is all the way upright. I start with maybe 80 pounds, he loads on more and it is too much but I do the reps. I am only aiming for 6 reps so the weight will be heavy, all the way down to my chest, slowly then power up, try not to rest at the top, just keep going.

I think we find a good weight at 90 pounds, it's hard but doable. I do 6 sets, that's quite a bit. You have to think about the total volume. So what if you normally do 3 sets of 10? That's 30 reps right? I did 6 sets of 6, that's 36 reps- more than you and most likely heavier weights. And, we all know:

Heavy weights = big muscles

The rest periods are of course longer. So we can't do a lot of other things. We move into the second exercise I will do, dumbbell shoulder press.

Again the back of the bench is straight up, so I will lift heavier weights. I think I start with 25 and quickly move to 40 pound dumbbells, again, 6 reps. 6 sets of 6.

That's it!

No boxing :( we are out of time. Time is not always my friend, in fact, it is probably the one thing I complain most in the world (other than my son's cat, Thor). I never seem to have enough time to do everything I want to do.

It makes me think though, of my all time favorite band ever- the Rolling Stones. And, one of the best songs "Time is on my Side". While there is so much I want to do everyday, I need to remember, that time is on my side. It's there for me if I want to be free. I have all the time to do what I choose in life, and while I may not be able to fit it all in one day, I can do it another (and maybe the next Friday).

(Email readers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view the video of the very, very young Rolling Stones below).

As usual, I mix up my protein/carb drink (1 to 4 ratio) and drink it with BCAA's and hop into the car- it's off to Whole Foods for grocery shopping then to the eye doctor to have a silicone Punctual Plug inserted into the tear duct of my left eye. Hmmm, I wonder, do I take off my make up first? Nah! Be daring! Plus, I still want to look good when I walk in the office! I will shop, eat and then go to the Doctor.

Friday...did I tell you I love Fridays?