Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be Yourself

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I do enjoy chocolate, especially dark chocolate and someone at work gave me a box of Dove dark chocolates just before our holiday break.  They each have a saying in the foil, and this one says:

Feel free to be yourself

Many of us forget this. We get up every morning and dress, but who are we dressing for, ourselves or others? We train every morning, but who are we training for? It is to accomplish something we want or someone else wants, the look I mean, the outcome. Why are we training?

Recently I was asked, no, more like "questioned" how serious I am with my training because I go out to restaurants, and eat and drink. How can I really be serious if I do that?

I don't owe anyone an explanation, but I do  think that it may help others who may struggle with this same question running through their head. Can you possibly be "serious" and live a normal life?

I say yes you can.

First it's important to define what a "normal life" is. To many a normal life is hitting the clubs a few nights a week, eating, drinking and carrying on. This will certainly not produce a lean, tight body.

Normal to me is being able to go out on occasion with friends or family and eat a fairly typical meal and enjoy it. That's the key. Enjoy it. 

I think it is important to do this, because once you separate yourself from friends and family, and never eat with them, it is signs of an eating disorder. Seriously, so remember that.

Don't get me wrong, when I am prepping for a competition I have a date and a goal, I do not veer. I stick to my diet and that's that. I will go out and bring my own food, and if it's going to be hard for me, then I choose not to go out so I don't make a decision I will regret.

But I am not preparing for a competition right now, I can relax a little and I do. I remember that part of enjoying life is sharing things that bring people together, and one is of those things is food. For some people, the food is very, very important. 

It is very easy to make good choices when dining out, although it is tempting not to! Be firm with your server. Get lemon for your baked potato, skip the butter and sour cream. Get a leaner cut of beef, steer clear of the fatty ones. Ask for vinegar and olive oil on the side and put it on your salad yourself. Request steamed vegetables, plain.

I regularly bring my own food to a favorite restaurant! My son loves a ramen house, so I go with them (when not dieting) and order my own ramen but I dump in 4 ounces of cubed chicken breast. That way I get the protein I need, and still enjoy the food and time with them!

Spend some time with your family, and don't forget they love you and want to be with you, to share the things that bring happiness to them. And do what you need to do to make it all work.