Thursday, December 15, 2011

Observations of Butts

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Yes, this is my butt, and no, it doesn't look like this today. It does look like this at competition time though and this picture was taken October 1, 2011.

I am always astounded by how little effort people put into training their glutes but they talk about them all the time. Don't they know that you need to actually train this area and devote a great deal of time to it just as with any other body part?

Our lifestyle makes a huge difference and I see that in the butts of the world as I walk around. I work at a university, so I am walking around campus a lot. There are over 30 thousand students enrolled here, and while they may not all be on campus at once, the place is teeming with young people everyday.

Last week as I walked to a meeting across campus I was observing the young healthy bodies surrounding me. For the most part they looked great, however what I noticed is most of them had flat butts. No glutes to speak of.

I think this is from the sedentary lifestyle that most of us enjoy these days. The young people of the world are not as active as they once were, they sit at their computers and game or interact with friends via Facebook.

It's unfortunate.  

Not only do they have flat butts, they are setting themselves up for lower back pain and injury as they age. A strong set of glutes is very, very important to your overall heath.

Be sure that you focus on your glutes!

So what does my butt look like today after gaining 15 pounds? Not bad, it certainly isn't flat!