Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Strong Mind Stronger Body

I like to read T-Nation. They bill themselves as Testoterone Nation: The intelligent and relentless pursuit of muscle.

I also like a style of training that most women do not enjoy. I like loud rock and roll, very loud. I like big warehouse style gyms, where there is a lot of iron, iron that needs to be pushed, lifted, pulled or somehow moved by a person, in other words, not machines. I like chalk (I sneak in my own, the gym doesn't allow it)

Give me prowlers, ropes, free weights, chin up bars, leather slam balls, kettlebells and I am happy. When I am happy I am productive.

Happy in the gym = success in the gym

I was happiest training with SC in his facility just like this, but we can't do that any longer. My gym is about as far away from this style as it could be, but it is very convenient, has everything I need and I am kind of entrenched there now. It does have areas like this though, so I stick to those areas and avoid all of the socializing on the weight machines and cardio areas.

I just read an article called Strong Mind, Stronger Body: Lessons from a Warehouse Gym by Joe DeFranco

It discusses how your mind effects your training, I say that all the time. Here is a piece of that article, and it sums it all up for me.

Coach Yourself

How do you make these mental strategies work for you? Simple:

Find music that motivates you. Crank it up.

Don't adopt a training program you don't believe in or you'll half-ass it, even if it's a good plan. Find a program that gets you excited and you'll put out the effort that it takes to get results.

Set the stage for the zone state. You do this through practice and preparation for your sport, be it football, powerlifting, or bodybuilding.

Mental toughness is born from facing tough situations or environments and surviving them. Don't baby yourself. Don't coddle yourself. Stop being such a prima donna.

Realize that sometimes the thing that motivated you to train hard yesterday won't be the same thing you need today to optimize your mental state. Be "bi-polar." Be versatile. Flip the switch and adjust. Do what works for you that day.

You can read the entire article here.
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