Friday, January 7, 2011

Cookie Dough Porridge

I am always interested in new foods, so life doesn't get boring. You will never read any recipe here that I haven't personally made and tested, I usually make my family taste them too and will report back what they had to say.

I read about a dish that Monica Brant supposedly eats every single morning, 365 days a year. Man, I would get so sick of the same thing.

It sounded interesting so I made it. I made some changes though. First, she uses some specific brand items, and I am always a little leery about recipes that have brand name products, so I looked up the ingredients and substituted. The first change was the protein powder. Monica recommended Proto Whey protein powder. I just wrote down the macro nutrients (carbs, protein, fat) and calories and used a protein powder that had the same ratios.

Next was a product called Myofiber. I researched that and it has ingredients in it that I already take (CLA and Flax) along with Psyilium  husk. It is a proprietary blend, which means they have to tell you the ingredients, but not how much of any one thing. Proprietary blends are usually really expensive too.

Myofiber is basically a filler/fiber to make sure you have regular bowel movements (that's the psyllium husk) and I eat so many vegetables that I really don't feel the need to add more fiber, so I decided to leave this one ingredient out altogether.

Here is the recipe as she provided it in oxygen magazine.

Cookie-Dough Porridge

Ready in 5 minutes •

Makes 1 serving

1/2 cup old-fashioned oats

1/2 cup egg whites

1 scoop Proto Whey protein powder

1 scoop Myofiber

Stevia or natural sweetener of your choice, to taste

In a glass bowl, microwave old-fashioned oats with 1 teaspoon water for 1 minute.

Add egg whites, protein powder, Myofiber and sweetener. Stir.

Refrigerate and let cool.

So, what did I think? I thought it look horrendous when I made it. Raw runny egg whites, uncooked oats. I actually let it sit overnight. The egg whites are from a carton, so they are pasteurized, no need to worry about salmonella.

It turned out the oats soaked up a lot of the liquid, but not all. I think that if I had used the Myofiber, it may have been a thicker consistency. I would use some oat fiber I think, maybe try some of the stuff that Pauline Nordin sells on her Fighter Diet site.

Was it good? Actually yes! It was a creamy, sweet, chewy desserty flavor, I made Chocolate Peanut Butter (that's what the protein powder was).

What did David think? He thought it looked and sounded disgusting, and there was no way he would even come near it, in fact, our friend Virginia came by when I was out and he thought it was so disgusting he told her about it and I believe he even pulled it out of the refrigerator to show her. Next time I saw her she commented on it, saying it was probably one of the most disgusting sounding and looking things I have ever made.
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