Monday, January 10, 2011

My Body

Posted by PicasaI love Monday! It is the start of oh, so many new things every week.

There is an ad for a supplement that I love- It sums it all up for me. I believe that we all determine what we look like, we create ourselves from the inside out.

Look at people around you, some have wrinkles all over their face, but are they lines and crows feet from laughing and smiling, which shows they have lived happy lives, or are they deep furrows from a life of frowning and unhappiness, making their face look old and rough?

You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be miserable. None of us have everything exactly as we want it all the time.  We will all struggle at some point, we will all have set backs.

On the other hand, we will all share joy, laughter, pleasure, triumph, victory and love at some point.

Dwell on the good, work to change or forget the bad.

Your mindset determines your present, your future, your past. What history will you write for yourself today?

The ad from Gaspari Nutrition:


Is like a canvas
Motivation is my brush
I control every curve
And make no excuses
I turn heads
And hold my head high
I have no bad angles
I am confident in every light
I break limitations
Quitting is not an option
Because in the gym
I am never alone