Saturday, January 8, 2011

Self Portait

I was looking through my documents at work the other day and came across something that was dated February, 1999. I don't recall why I did this, and that seems odd to me.

I find it very interesting that it is so much like me still, even my saying "life is not a dress rehearsal"

Self Portrait

Light side:

My light side shows a zest for life, making sure that I do what I like. Life is not a dress rehearsal, we don’t get another chance to come back and try over. When I grow old and am at rest, I will not look back and have regrets that I was never able to do something I longed for; I will have lots of great stories and memories. I live life to it’s fullest, spending time with my friends, cooking and enjoying good wine, sailing or just floating in the water. The house will be cleaned someday…..

Dark side:

My dark side shows some of the same zest for my work, but I tend to become so focused that I can forget about others as I strive to accomplish many things. In my search for packing “everything in”, I forget that some are not as focused or driven as I am, and this can lead to misunderstandings and hurt. My husband has been the biggest help to me in this area, pointing out when I am being a “roadrunner”. I have taken great strides and improved immensely in this area.
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