Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Want to be a Bodybuilder part 3 and REAL part 2

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I really need to be more observant. I posted "I want to be a bodybuilder" parts 1 and 2 yesterday, but part 2 wasn't by the same creator of part 1. I did notice it wasn't quite as funny.

So, I must now post part 2, by the creator 407muscle

Part 2

I must add my own personal funny note to this. When I first started competing, I did what I suppose everyone does, I listened to all the seasoned veterans, I read all the forums, I asked everyone everything I possible could.

The hair part can be pretty darn funny.

The idea is you lose all your body fat, you rid your body of all hair (except head) and if you are a male, perhaps facial hair- women on steroids will need to shave their facial hair......

You get a really dark tan painted on and basically you are a sleek, dark, hard muscle. It looks pretty damn awesome (at first).

So I decided all the hair had to go. Every last bit, except the long, flowing tresses on my head.

I had a complete body wax. Talk about pain! It was right up there with natural childbirth, and just about as messy too.

Have you ever tucked your ankle up behind your head? Yup, gotta do it to get every last bit of hair, not fun.

It was an aha moment when, after all the pain I took some time to think about the fact that not only am I a natural competitor (no drugs), I am a natural blond. This means that all of that hair I paid a fortune to have ripped off my body with hot wax and muslin is soft, white and downy. What an idiot.

Now, it's the razor for me. If I can reach it, off it goes, and if I can't, well, you probably cannot tell anyway. They do call me Kristy "contortionist" Wilce now though!

Part 3

Is there truth to this one too? Heck yes! I get comments because I grunt quite a bit, in fact I am told I can be heard in other rooms, but that may be because I lift heavy weights!

I have been "chastised" for my choice of clothing, and people comment on my food. My gym actually has a liquor license, and they have cocktail parties and wine tastings!

The part about getting very tired near the end is oh so true. You get tired as your body doesn't have enough fuel, yet you have to keep pushing and training. You all get emotionally fatigued as the date gets closer and closer.

Some people handle it well, they get into a zone. Others? They whine and complain and make everyone around them miserable.

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