Saturday, January 29, 2011

Compliments and Cars

I was driving to work Tueday and as I pulled off the freeway, a Valley Transit Authority bus pulled up next to the passenger side of my  car.

He slid his window open and popped his head out, and with a big grin said "And the car is pretty nice too!"

That made me laugh out loud, I smiled, waved, and zoomed away when the light turned green.

There really is something magical about a blond in a red convertible BMW, not quite sure what, but it is there.

The bus driver made my day. He didn't have to pull aside, open his window, stick his head out and shout down to me, but he did and I loved every single minute of it.

Then later that morning I was helping with a project for another department, and we were setting up tables. A fellow I didn't know stopped and looked at me and said "you know, you are in really good shape! I just want you to know that".

Yes, I know that but I still like to hear it.

I thanked him and told him that I work very hard at it.

I think we all forget how much a compliment like that can do for us. On a day when we are upbeat it just makes the day all that much brighter, but on a day when we are feeling down, it can change our whole outlook on life.

It may even determine if we keep going.

If you see someone working hard at the gym, struggling with their diet, or looking great- give them a compliment, tell them it is obvious how hard they have worked, it shows! Tell them you admire their tenacity, tell them they are doing a good job.

You will feel better about yourself too.
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