Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interesting Health Facts

90 percent of back problems can be solved through physical therapy and lifestyle changes instead of with surgery.
~ American Association of Neurological Surgeons

You need to perform 420 minutes (that's 7 hours for those who may be math challenged) of moderate intensity exercise per week to maintain a healthy body weight without making any changes to your diet.
~ The Journal of the American Medical Association

Dieters had to sleep 8.5 hours a night in order to lose seven pounds (mostly fat) over a two week period. When they slept less, they lost the same amount of weight but mostly in the form of muscle. Te shed fat and keep muscle, get your ZZZ's!

~Annals of Internal Medicine

Being a couch potato may increase your likelihood of catching a cold. A new study from Appalachian State University in North Carolina found that exercise reduces the frequency and severity of colds more than any other lifestyle factor. Participants in the study who exercised five times a week took 43% fewer sick days. And when they did get sick, their symptoms were much milder than their more sedentary peers'. Experts believe that exercise triggers immune cells to temporarily circulate, fighting infection.

See a pattern? Anything you need to start doing? Feel good, get some exercise every single day! Jump rope, walk, play tennis, football, lacrosse (above) or my favorite: lift some heavy weights!
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