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Posted by PicasaVeterans Day.  I work for the State of California, and "the Gov" requires that I take this as a holiday. David is a principal of an elementary school, so we both get the day off. Cooper attends the same school district, so that's three of us lazing around all day. Not really though....
I am up at 4:00 a.m. as usual, I like my routine. This allows me to spend the time I need at the gym in one visit.
It's glute day, an entire day devoted to "My Butt". It has gotten rather round, I will be posting a picture soon, it looks really, really good.
I trained glutes then did 20 minutes on the treadmill. Home for a good breakfast and then off for some shopping, David had a Groupon at Gap he had to spend.

It was lunch time, so we grabbed Cooper and headed off to a Greek restaurant in town called Opa! Check out their link, it is seductive! If you never experienced a sensual feeling related to food and eating, this site will change that for sure! Turn on your will want to visit Opa!, or take a trip to Greece.
Opa is a Greek Word that may be used as an ‘Exclamation’, or ‘Utterance’, or ‘Declaration’, or ‘Affirmation’ or a lovingly gentle way of telling you to ‘Stop’ ... depending on the situational context.
It is a word or pronouncement of celebration; the celebration of life itself. It is another way of expressing joy and gratitude to God, Life, and others, for bringing us into the state of ultimate wisdom; that all that really matters is health, family, and friends. It is a humorous affirmation that you’re the best; that you’re where you’re supposed to be; and that you need to stop and celebrate…
It is the Greeks’ way of stating they have come to a level of serene exuberance able to enjoy life as children. … In a state where having been fed, and having quenched our thirst, and having enjoyed the pleasure of uniting with others, we have filled with hope and confidence that life abounds with all that we need, … and that food will always be there, … and so, we break the plates, … because tomorrow there will be more.…
And we light a fire and dance around it as a symbol of the warmth that surrounds us. … and … We break the plates as a way of saying thank you to those that helped us reach a state of celebrating our life, … as a way of saying thank you to the music that brought peace to the world, … and we break them to honor the one that’s dancing, as we kneel in front of them and look up to them exclaiming : Oooopa !!! …
And we throw the napkins in the air as a reminder that we are as free as the birds; ‘sky is the limit’ … so ‘Let go, Be Greek, Fear nothing and join in the celebration’. It is a way of saying “don’t worry” … no matter what has happened you are still alive, … “don’t be harsh on yourself,” there’s another minute and another day ahead of you to right what’s wrong, … and we are here together to make sure of this.
So, as an example when someone accidentally drops and breaks something, no matter how valuable, we yell: Oooooopa !!! … kind of “It’s ok,” … everything can be mended if your mind is healthy and still open to music, dance, mezedes, and wine !!
Somebody dropped something, or broke something : Opa!
Someone is assisting someone to back up the car, ...and just about when the driver is about to hit something : Opa (ie : Stop !)
Somebody is dancing and another is breaking plates as they exclaim : Opa !!
A group is drinking and as a form of Cheers : Opa !
Opa! is a fun restaurant, they have pita sandwiches, plates, salads, great wonderful Greek food. I am always interested in eating healthy though.  I try to stick to my lean protein, lots of fresh vegetables and some good quality carbs.

We started with some skordalia. This is in no way healthy nor fit for a plan to lose bodyfat, but I am not a fanatic and I am not prepping for a competition, so I had some and boy was it good! Three small pieces of crisp pita with the skordalia and I was quite satisfied.
As an entree I chose the seafood souvlaki, which was marinated, skewered shrimp and scallops, grilled.... it was served with a choice of fries or rice pilaf. Now rice would be the better choice, but it is white rice so...I asked.
Could I substitute Greek salad for the rice?

You can see it above and it was outstanding! A huge Greek salad with two fat, plump skewers of shrimp and scallops grilled and laid on top.

I will go back and I will order this same dish. The only change is that I will ask for half the oil. A true Greek salad has only olive oil on it, no vinegar as it gets the tartness from the tomatoes. This was a great salad, just a little too much oil for me. At least it is olive oil which is a healthy fat.
A glass of wine and fun times with the family. Next time we will order the cheese appetizer, the cheese is brought to the table on a metal patter, then they flambe it right in front of you, putting the flame out with a squeeze of lemon. I am not sure how it tastes, but It  looks fun!

 In fact, they have happy hour Monday through Friday 3:30 to 6:00 where all appetizers are half off and there are drink specials too.
I am back to work on Friday, but the boys are off another day. I bet they will sleep till 9:00 (David) and 10:00 (Cooper).

So when you think about your life, and everything you have to be thankful for hopefully the word Opa! comes to mind and brings a smile to your face.
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