Saturday, November 6, 2010

Body of a 19 year old

Posted by PicasaFridays I leave work at noon, I love it! I always hit the grocery store and then back to the gym for cardio that I couldn't fit in during my morning weight training session.

I am preparing the artichokes I bought for dinner and telling David about the  guy I bumped into in the produce section.

I was picking some radicchio and a fellow was standing next to me, and starts talking:

Man: "Please don't get offended by what I am about to say, but you have a body that a 19 year old would kill for!"

Kristy: "Ha Ha Ha Thanks I work very hard for this body and I love hearing comments like this!"

Man: "You can tell you work hard, it's obvious"

Kristy: "Not bad for 49 huh?"

Man: "Holy fuckin shit! You are 49 years old?!"

Kristy" "Ha Ha yup, you betcha!"

He wandered past me a couple more times, almost like he thought I was a freak or something, making a few nice comments, but not in a weird, creepy way. 

I encounter things like this a lot. Even looking at this picture that David took I can see why- I am getting big! As I gain weight, I get curvier, I get more bulky, you can see it in my arms in the picture above, but I am doing a good job of keeping body fat gain to a minimum, it's all solid muscle for the most part!

I actually like the bigger, more muscular look and I think that has always caused me difficulty in my Figure competitions. I don't want to be small and skinny looking, I want to be full, round and muscular. More of a bodybuilder look, but I cannot attain the size necessary, at least not naturally and that's the only way I am willing to do it. 

So, I keep chugging along. Me and the body of a 19 year old.
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