Monday, November 22, 2010


Posted by Picasa I have wanted to learn to kickbox for many, many years. I don't mean "cardio kickboxing", I am sure that it is a fun class, but I don't enjoy group exercise, I like to train one on one or alone. I mean the real deal, fighting.

My son has been training at AKA, American Kickboxing Academy,  which is considered the best training facility in the United States, for a couple years. He trains one on one with an instructor who trades for our wine, it's a good deal for all. AKA is home of many champions, Cain Velasquez, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick, Josh Thomson, Herschel Walker, Cung Le, and many more. It's also two miles from my home (but rumor has that it will be moving soon).

I used to go into AKA for years, sit and just watch the lithe bodies, I really get a thrill watching them in action. I finally talked Cooper into joining, and now he won't leave.

I cannot start training where he trains, I mean who wants their mother showing up  when they are training? No one, unless mom is there to wipe away the sweat and blood and give them a hug and take them home for a nice dinner....

So, I have noticed a new trainer at my gym, she has been there a couple months I guess. My gym is interesting, it's a "club" but I call it a gym because I only utilize the gym...It is Courtside Club in Los Gatos, it has 16 tennis courts, three pools, a childcare center, cafe (with alcohol), pro shop (with jewelry, clothes, underwear, accessories), a complete day spa, valet parking at peak times and was named Best Tennis Facility 2010 by the United States Tennis's a club in other words.. a fancy club.

I go there because it's nice, it's close and it has what I need and want.

So back to the trainer.

You have to be pretty good to work here, they hire only the elite. When you are new, you have to put in "floor time", in other words, you spend time hanging around meeting people and getting paid minimum wage.

This new trainer is fit, she is tight and compact, she looks like an athlete, not just a fit gal who thinks it would be glamorous to be a trainer. We have chatted a few times.

But Saturday morning I saw her in action, and it was impressive. Seems this little fireplug is a kickboxer! She was training a big guy, she had the pads on her hands, he was kicking and he wasn't making much of an impact on her at all, I was shocked how she held her ground. She was a certified beast.

This was a woman I had to talk to.

I went up to her when she was free and asked her about the kickboxing. You see, they just don't do that sort of thing at my gym, it's messy. It's sweaty, it's not a thing you can do and wear all your fine jewelry.....I say this with a bit of sarcasm, but also with a tone of reality, my club is comprised of a lot of rich posers....I honestly believe that most of the young women are members to find a rich mate....and it's the right place to be, I can assure you of that.

We started talking and she explained that she is a kickboxer and not only trains at Courtside, but she trains people at their homes, and due to the economy, she started taking in clients at Courtside, business has been off.

I said "If you ever want to trade kickboxing lessons for wine, let me know"

She thrust her hand in mine, said "deal" and we arranged it then and there. I reached into my training binder, gave her my card and sealed the deal.

We spent a quite some time talking while I was on the stair mill. She wanted to know what I train for. I said I was a figure competitor, and she said, oh you have been at it a while huh?  "NO" I explained I have only been doing it two years, but then realized that is actually a long time for such a demanding sport.  A sport I am really re-considering.

I told her I really would like to work with a trainer, but I just don't have the funds to spare right now, there are other more pressing matters in my life currently. She looked me up and down and quickly said, with all seriousness, "you obviously do fine without a trainer, you don't need one".

We shared a few laughs, talked about training, people, routines, weightlifting, made our commitment and started to bond, this should turn out to be a synergistic relationship, just the kind I like.

I told her I would drop a few varietals by the club for her so she could taste and decide which ones she liked, we would then start training. I am thinking all I need to do is back the BMW out of the garage, shut the door and lay my yoga mat on the ground in case I need to do some work on the floor.

I can learn to  kickbox, I have kettlebells, small free weights, it will be a sweet deal. I am so excited, I cannot wait to start!

Soon, I can reinforce the joists for my new heavy bag....  ha ha ha

By the way, I took this picture a week ago, the legs are looking pretty good huh? Notice the bulge of the hams? RDL's.....start doing them, they work wonders, take a look at yesterday's blog if you haven't.

Of course, you need to do squats to get the bulge in the quads too....ah legs...aren't they beautiful!?
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