Monday, November 8, 2010

205 Squat

Posted by PicasaOn my mission to get as big as I can, I had a conversation with SC and told him all about the last four weeks. I had been doing a huge volume of work, many, many reps and it was getting easy, even though I kept upping the weights.

He said it was time to cut back on the volume and bump up the intensity. That means really heavy, heavy weights, but not as many reps, it just isn't possible to push huge amounts of weight many times.

Saturday morning and I had my plan written out. A modified version of what I have been doing, just less reps but a lot more weight. Here is the workout:

Front Squat 5x5 155 pounds

Back Squat 6x4 205 pounds

RDL's 5x8 185 pounds

Leg Press 4x10 495 pounds

Leg Extensions 4x10 110 pounds

Pistol Squats 3x5 12 kilo bell

Walking lunges 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest 5 sets

stair mill 20 minutes

I started feeling nauseous right in the middle of the leg extensions, that shows me I was really pushing hard. I just sat and rested a bit longer in between sets, then sat for about 5 minutes before I started the pistol squats.

In the picture above I am squatting 205 pounds, and next week it goes up, I can do more.  I am aiming for two big wheels next Saturday, that's 225 pounds.

I had to sit a bit in the cafe before going home, this wiped me out! 2 1/5 hours of training hard is difficult! Grabbed my coffee, sped home and fueled up with the perfect after training meal:

1/2 a bagel, peanut butter and no sugar jam
1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese and 1/2 a mango

Sugar, quick acting carbs (lots) and a little protein.
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