Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Counter

Posted by PicasaThe Counter is a restaurant, they serve one of my all time favorite dishes- BURGERS.

Friends always think it's funny that I am such a gourmet yet I love burgers with a passion.

The Counter is located in the Santana Row shopping center, I had it on my "list of good eats" back from my July competition and from my October competition, in fact, I have been wanting to go there for about a year now (that shows how often I really do this)....I only just made it there for the first time on Thursday evening.
It was good. 

It was really good. 

The picture is an interesting sepia tone because I was attempting to soften the devil look in my eyes that the red eye deleter wouldn't take care of, you see, David, bless his pointy little head, is a lousy photographer!

I had to have this picture though, because there are a few disbelievers out there, who doubt I can (or more accurately WILL) power on a cheeseburger...


Yes, it had cheese, Tillamook Cheddar...yum! 

So, if you have never been to the counter, here's the deal-

They have a menu and they have this cool checklist, it's actually a small paper checklist that walks you through the entire burger building process, you are presented with choices at several levels, you check off your choices on the sheet and it makes it easy to get a burger exactly as you like it. EXACTLY!

First- meat choices  (and this is from memory)

Beef, chicken, veggie, turkey, crab

Then bun or bowl?

If a bun what kind?

White, honey wheat, ciabatta, English muffin,  onion...


Too many to list...


mushrooms, onions, sprouts, carrots, hard cooked eggs (???), pineapple, jalapenos, goes on quite a bit


Besides the regular mayo, mustard, ketchup you have BBQ, horseradish, red relish, ranch, on and on.

None of the sauces come actually on the burger, they are on the side which is great.

The burgers come "medium rare, still pink , but we can make then more cooked or less cooked, how do you want it?"

Oh my goodness, I want it bloody rare..... with a glass of red wine (after all, Friday is back and bicep day, I can handle one glass of wine, this back is impressive).

The fries? Stupendous!

The onion strings? The same!

Honestly, I didn't try the sweet potato fries, I am a bit sweet potatoed out right now....

And what makes it even better is that my 16 year old son wants to hang out with me at this place, we all have a great time, the sharks game is on (and they are fighting up a storm), all of the young beautiful hotties are out (what happened to me? I used to be one of those!!) 

Oh, I am not crying over my age, I look great, I feel great, I have a great life....maybe just not as hot as I used to be :) But hotter than most are now!

Ah, isn't life wonderful?

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