Monday, November 1, 2010

Deltoids and Basketball

Posted by PicasaSunday afternoon in the kitchen, the family is out and I am having fun with my tripod and camera again!

I think deltoids are probably the sexiest part of the human body, really!

Nice, round, big, full deltoids. (I am sure some men out there are thinking something different right now).

Who has the best deltoids? Basketball players!

I don't enjoy watching basketball at all, in fact, if I do watch it I need to have the sound off because the sound of their shoes squeaking on the floor drives me bonkers!

But I can suffer though it just to see those deltoids.

I even had a picture of Amare Stoudemire  on my computer once just to see those amazing arms everyday, sick, I know.

I read an interesting article about the fellow who invented basketball, I found it rather entertaining.

This was by By Gary Peterson of the Bay Area News Group.

If you have a couple million scoots burning a hole in your pocket, you might be interested in James Naismith's original list of 13 rules for the game of basketball -- written in 1891 and about to be offered for auction in New York.

Naismith, a P.E. teacher, invented the game as a means of keeping students active inside during the cold winter months. Though the game has evolved over the past 119 years, Naismith's list shows what a visionary he was. A few examples:

# There will be no extra points awarded for swinging on the rim after a monster dunk, but such a tactic could conceivably serve as an inspiration for one's teammates.

# Spirited conversation -- for instance, berating a referee, or referencing an opponent's heritage or athletic acumen -- shall be a part of every contest.

# Should a player desire to switch teams at any point, he or she should do so in the most conspicuous, attention-grabbing manner possible.

# A player may not take more than two steps without dribbling the ball (don't overly concern yourself with this codicil; it will almost never be enforced).
Maybe I need to incorporate a little basketball into my training, just to hit those delts? My club just refinished the indoor courts, might be a fun change of pace!
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