Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some Like It Hot

I am talking shorts! I get women asking me all the time where my shorts come from, and I laugh and tell them that they are not shorts, they are underwear! Underarmour Mesh Series Boyshorts to be precise. I have never found any shorts I like so I choose to wear underwear instead.

Until now!

These are called "Some Like It Hot" shorts by Lululemon, I love them! They are short and snug, just the way I like them. They have ruching up the center back, makes the butt look great!

I don't train as hard as I do to wear baggy ol sweatpants around, hell no! Flat chest I can deal with, but a flat butt? Oh goodness no!  It's all about the butt isn't it? I think that's one of the very first things I notice about someone, what does their butt look like?

Seriously though, a strong, well developed set of glutes is the defining criteria for a true athlete, have you ever seen a great athlete with a flat butt? Maybe in table tennis or something silly like that I suppose.

Big glutes are built with squats, deadlifts, lunges, sprints, kettlebells, stairs, all the down and dirty stuff. You can pretty much tell how hard someone trains by the shape of their glutes. 

These are great- they have these small strings hanging down in front to allow you to "scrunch" up the front to make them custom fitted. That's what Lululemon says, but I think it makes them look like an old fashioned garter belt!

What do you think?